How to I Attract Men

Now ladies, I know some of you think you have to be size 6 to pull in the attention of the opposite sex, and its just not true. I see ordinary women everyday that manage to have an active love life because they are confident and know how to show off there best assets.

When you want to get the immediate attention of a man I think the best way to do that is acting like a girl. Most of us have been harden by the daily grind and wearing the 'pants' makes you forget that you are a woman sometimes. I have to remind myself of this also. Men..real men are attracted to softness, to the receiving energy of women. We have to ditch the attitudes and learn to become playful, learn to have a 'youthful' attitude. That is whats attractive about women.

For me, I like to play up eye contact, I can express my feeling with my eyes and am usually good at saying come here with them as well. You can learn it too, but you have to be comfortable with looking at men straight in the eye while keeping a coy demeanor. But! You will have to build confidence in yourself, by loving who you are, by improving yourself.. How can you expect someone to be attracted to you when you don't like who you are? Watch my video 

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