The best Sex I've Never Had!

 So I'm sitting here thinking about my sex life, rating all my experiences and I have to say that I don't think I've reached the peak of my own sexuality. I have had great sex but comparing it to what I have read in a lot of these tantric books, seems like I'm only skimming the surface of potential pleasure. I admit it. I have concentration issues during sex but I'm improving; Its hard for me to stop thinking about washing the dishes or writing a column even while I'm tongue kissing. 

But in tantric sex, I learned that it's about very long love making sessions with careful planning. You need the right atmosphere(incense, soft music, candles, etc) and prepping the body(hot bath,message, oils) Then I even found out that before a woman gives a man a head wash, she should drink a little milk so her spit can be nice a frothy like a yummy cappuccino; Men like extra spit by the way, no sense in being a neat eater in this case!

 I also read that you should touch each others forehead to create a circuit of energy between the two of you, its said that you can synchronize thoughts with your lover if you touch like this but your heads have to be wet first so get a good sweat in before you try the Jedi mind tricks!

So back to this female orgasm. From what I've read, there are 9 levels to a female orgasm and the level most women reach titers around the 3rd or 4th level and doesn't go past that for the average woman because most of us think that's as far as it can go. But if men do what's called "hold backs"( a set of stokes that bring him almost to orgasm then he holds the stroke until the urge to cum dies down enough to resume stroking again) he can have sex with you for hours which the book says is the only way to get to the 9 levels of a female orgasm.

 One book in particular, "The Tao of Sexology" ,states that at level 4 which where most women stop, She will experience vaginal spasms and secretions start to flow. BUT, at level 7, it effects your blood, and he literally makes your blood boil, while begin to get frantic and want to touch him everywhere. At level 4, your kidneys and bladder are stimulated and level one effects your lungs as it makes your breathe deeper.

By the end of the 9 level, your body is completely regenerated, all organs stimulated, and you are energized and youthful.
Well........the only problem I have with this is that it does take patience, especially on a man's part. He has to really care and want to please you above his own needs to bring you to a 9 level orgasm, and most men(in my experience)seem to be too excited to get to the finish line so that the opportunity for having this level of sexual enjoyment seems slim to none. But if you have a willing partner, then I suggest this book as an excellent read towards better sexual experience for both of you.
One of the best Books on Sex Ever!
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